mercoledì 18 gennaio 2012

Happy travelday

365 days of travel, a year to go to the antipodes and back. Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Sumatra, Malaysia, Philippines, Malaysia, Java, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Italy.

I have a handful of memories of the past few months that come to mind.

I have the unpleasant memory of those who, despite my efforts to communicate, has only been able to say "but how much money you have.".

I have the memory of my head lost in its the thoughts and suddenly the perception of cold, the rough wind on the skin, the sound of the boat on the Mekong, the eyes returning to the river ...
I did not move, I heard the wind cold and painful that brought me to the present talk to me about life.

I have the memory of the slanted Srey's eyes looking at my eyes for a long time, maybe look for a language to find love after a crazy night in Siem Reap.

I remember the watery eyes of those who lied to me to steal me some money.

I have the memory of a hot night in Bangkok in the company of Paolo and a telephone call with Costa Rica to decide of that illusion called future.

I remember the Sachiko's hot tears at the airport.

If I believed in luck I'd call me lucky. But I only believe in the choices, in the desire guarded with wisdom and discipline, in the present. I believe in that God who lives within us, who is expressed whenever I do silence in the mind.

I believe that love is leaving another space to be what it is, and then in non-judgment. So I think that the concepts of Good and Evil are tools that the mind uses to classify the world, to divide the Unit into little boxes and abandon the effort to perceive and accept reality as it is..

I have so much to tell but I have no time.
The present moment demands all my attention, like a newborn child who screams to get my eyes, my hands.

I have no time to remember and I have no time to dream. I have just this moment to live, one and eternal, everything else is just illusion.

The Australasian dies here but, in reality, it just closes his eyes, takes a breath and dives into a new adventure across the world.

Tenerife. Right now.

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