venerdì 23 dicembre 2011

Thank you Jesus the child

For once I want to be good so I choose to give you a gift for Christmas.

Imagine to win a journey, a ticket for an amusement park, Disneyland or that one that you like more.
With the ticket there is also free pick up and free food, you have just to enjoy that time. It's a good thing, isn't it ?
The only strange thing is that you don't know when they come to pick you up to bring you at home.

Are you ready ?
The gift is you've already gotten the ticket, they gave it in your hand after those 5 minutes when your father got busy and your mother got pregnant.
At that time they came to pick you up where you was, between the angels or wherever, and they brought here where you are now.

You could say me that there is not too much to enjoy, with the crisis and other problems. Then I say you that if enjoy or not it's just your fault. I mean, if you think that to enjoy is only eating, drinking, fucking and doing nothing, you didn't understand anything.
When you go to the cinema, and you watch an horror movie, or a dramatic one, do you enjoy ? What there is to enjoy ?

I remember when i've been with the old girlfriend to watch the movie "titanic", with so many people who die, she cried for one hour or two, and then she said "beautiful". So I could think: are you crazy ? You cry for one hour and you say "beautiful" ? Such it's an emotion.

But when it's your turn to be fucked then you don't say anymore "beautiful". The fact is that you think to have something. Your wife, your sons, your job, your money, your house, your drink, your reputation, your ideas...
The fact is that you don't have anything.
Print it in your mind: you don't have anything.
Everything you think to have is on loan, it's illusion, everything comes and goes, you can't hold anything.

You complain a lot about politicians but you are the same. You are attached with the nails and the teeth to what you have, what you like, what you think and if something different happens you feel to die.
And even if you die ?
Before or later we all we have to die and what's úp ? It's just a coming back home with the angels or whatever will be. So be quiet, don't complain.
Do you see the smile of a pretty girl ? Even if it's going well, it's not yours. Watch it, say thank you and go ahead.
Have you been fucked again ? Now it's painful but later it will get better. Shut up, learn the lesson and go ahead.
Don't be attached to anything, everything can be beautiful or useful, but it comes and goes, it's an illusion.

You won this ticket, you are in this amusement park, enjoy it, look at what there is, learn how it works.
You're playing in this movie and they said you "Do what you fucking want". Enjoy it. Dare. Take a risk. Live well whatever happens.

Anyway the first time that I have been in an amusement park some stupid one told me "let's go on the roller coaster" "But are you sure ?" I said. "Be confident".
I've been confident and I vomited even the Christmas lunch of the last year and i felt bad all day.
The second time i played all the time with the girls and i didn't enjoy too much.
The third time I said "With all the money that i pay for the park i want to know very well how it works". Then i tried every attraction, the best ones twice, i played a lot and finally I got satisfaction. I said "It's not so bad this park".

So i wrote a letter to Jesus the child to thank him for the ticket.
Dear Jesus the child, thank you.
Thank you because you and your friends came to pick me up where I was and you brought me here. They told me that it hasn't been easy but finally we did it, and it has been so good.
Thank you for everything you gave me to eat, to sleep, education and go on. I mean, the list would be long, but you see that you did a good job beacuse every time i watch me on the mirror after a shower i say "look such a handsome guy".
Thank you for every time I've been fucked beacuse it's there that I understood and learnt most of the things and above all I got the motivation to come to look for you, that it was the best move of my life.
Thank you for every time I've gotten fed up because it's there that i understood that everything comes and goes and that complaining is useless and I learnt to see all the beautiful stuff that Dad has put around the world.
And please, say thank you to Dad, that sometimes i feel to cry for how much beautiful is this stuff. For this blue sky, the sunsets, the smiles of the pretty girls and the children, for the nature with the green forest, the rivers and the waterfalls that seem breaking everything.
Thank you for animals, fruits and vegetables and the food, there is no way to see all them because I find it some new one all the times.
Thank you for the music and for all the human arts and for that longest list of people came to help me when I needed it.
Thank you for all the times that I'm afraid and you give me courage so I try and finally i succeed.
Thank you for who loves me, and for who loved me in this long way until here.
Thank you because you let me free to be what i am, because you teach me to be what i am.
Thank you for this ticket, I spent one life but finally I'm starting to enjoy it.

Jesus the child, I'd like ask you a question.
When you'll come to pick me up to come back home, if we have to take the sleeping bus, could i have, if it's possible, having a single seat ?
Just because last time I had in my place a russian guy big as that one of Rocky, and we shared one metre, he was kind but...
When i turned in one side it seemed to me to kiss him on the mouth, when i turned in the other side i seemed to take it in the ass... finally he understood and he turned in the right side, but you understand what i mean ?
Anyway it's free, isn't ?

Thank you Jesus the child!

Happy Christmas, be light in the eyes and in the hearts.

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